What Is a South African Criminal Record Clearance suppose to be ?

A Criminal Record Clearance is an accurate comparison of an individualís fingerprints against the fingerprints of the complete criminal database of the South African Criminal Record Centre in Pretoria.

Is a I.D. Number criminal clearance sufficient?

Because of Identification fraud, this method of Criminal clearance is not legal and sufficient for any company to do criminal clearances.

The SAPS does not recognize this method as sufficient, as they are not prepared to give any insurance of this way to be accurate or legal.

Most Criminals especially the career criminals has false I.D. numbers for their crime activities.

If I.D. Criminal clearances is not accurate why has it is been allowed?

This method of Criminal clearance was the only way some sort of criminal clearance could have been done with a short time delay. A Proper Criminal Clearance through the Police Service (ink method) took to long, between 4-8 weeks, and was simply not practical.

NeVeTeC Police Clearance with IDECO AFISwitch significantly reduces processing time and increases accuracy when compared to name clearances and manual fingerprint checks. It returns Illicit Activity Reports (IARs) irrespective of whether a Hit or No-Hit results are returned. This result will be return within 48 hours after fingerprints has been downloaded onto server by the user.





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