Police Clearance make it possible for all companies to do fingerprint criminal clearances themselves.

1.2 Installation of Software and Scanners

Software Licence needed to be uploading on workstations. The company need to provide the desktop or laptop with the following specifications-

1.3 Minimum Hardware Requirements

Pentium 4 1500 MHz and NOT a Celeron Pentium with 512 MB and at least 20 GIG hard drive space and Norton Anti Virus, Operating System- Windows XP and NOT Windows Vista with own internet connection like 3G

1.4 Cost of Workstations Software license

Purchase of software and scanner

The following prices are just guidelines, please contact us for quotation that would meet your companies needs.

Purchase of IDECO AFISwitch software and MSO 300 Scanner, subject to IDECO AFISwitch contract with the SAPD.

Aware Licence         R2 800
Fingerprint Reader    R3 200

Total                     R6 000 per Workstation

Pricing ex. VAT and workstations

Cost per search (Own System)

Cost from R71-00 ex VAT for every fingerprint criminal

1.5 Training of Users

Training will be done on the premises of the client. Training will take One day. It is the clients responsibility to nominate at least two of their own personnel per workstation to undergo training to do Fingerprint Criminal Record Checks (Users).

Training per session will be R3000 per session anywhere in South Africa with unlimited users.

1.6 User Qualifications

Users must undergo fingerprint criminal record checks that will be done by NeVeTeC Police Clearance, which will be done, before, or on the day of training.

A person can not qualify to be a user if he has a bad credit record or a criminal record.






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