Documents Needed:

1. Fingerprint clearance indemnity 2013

2. Fingerprint and other checks indemnity 2013

3. Expunge my old records documents

4. Example of 48 hour clearance

5. Example of SAPS criminal clearance
(contact office for example)

6. Company courier list

7. Order Form (Companies) Contact Office for special quotation.







Enquiry Form:

Full Name

E-mail Address
Contact Number
Sending Town or City
Do you need a 72 hour fingerprint clearance?
Do you need a SAPS criminal clearance 4-6 weeks?
Do you need both Clearances?
What is the purpose of your clearance?
Do you need additional background screening like credit check?
Do you need your criminal record to be removed from SAPS records?

Are your criminal records older than 10 years old?