does Criminal Clearance at the convenience of your workplace. Simply phone 021 911 5011/081 484 7115 to make an appointment.

Fingerprint clearance from R250 (SAPS)

Call out fee R150-00 within 20 km radius + R3-00 p/km further than 20 km from office.

Paper Scans and Police Criminal Clearances from anywhere in the world.

Papers Scans is any form of ink fingerprints taken by the Police or Company.

This includes SAPS Behaviour Certificate or a normal Criminal clearance

NeVeTeC Police Clearance is a Service Provider that manages fingerprint clearances on the behalf of our clients.

Our system is really working and makes this complicated issue of obtaining a South African Criminal Clearance or Behaviour Certificate easy and convenient for our clients.

NeVeTeC strives to be trustworthy and reliable, and to be punctual on the reports back to our clients from the SAPS or IDECO Scans

Steps to follow:

Client take fingerprints at any Police Station in any Country
The following documents need to be sent to us:
We need two sets of Fingerprints if possible
Receipt if applicable
Copy of I.D. document or Passport
Signed Indemnity form
Completed NeVeTeC List of clearances to be done

Address to courier:

4 Denne Avenue
Cape Town

NeVeTeC preparation of fingerprints:

1. Preparation of fingerprints- Upon receipt of fingerprints, NeVeTeC screens the quality of fingerprints, before processing further.

2. Fingerprints are sent to Pretoria for Scanning for first Fingerprint Criminal Clearance. See Example1

3. Processed fingerprints from our office in Centurion are taken to the CRC Criminal record Centre in Pretoria.

4. Police Clearance registered and NeVeTeC monitors the process.

5. The finished CRC clearance is courier back to client.

Fee Structure on Paper Scans

Our 48 hour Clearance: R250-00.

SAPS Behaviour certificate: 6 8 weeks :R250-00.

Total for both clearances: R 500-00

Special SAPS Behaviour Certificate 4-5 weeks R500-00.

Please attach with Application, a Company letter or a contract number and start date of contract, or state urgency of clearance with proof.






Enquiry Form:

Full Name

E-mail Address
Contact Number
Sending Town or City
Do you need a 72 hour fingerprint clearance?
Do you need a SAPS criminal clearance 4-6 weeks?
Do you need both Clearances?
What is the purpose of your clearance?
Do you need additional background screening like credit check?
Do you need your criminal record to be removed from SAPS records?

Are your criminal records older than 10 years old?