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NeVeTeC consist of a specially hand selected elite team doing polygraph testing for our clients on behalf of NeVeTeC. We assure the most professional service to our clients. Please contact us to sent a examiner to your workplace.

The view Polygraph Inquiries of SA has is that polygraph examination of staff or other individuals can be descrived as testing or verification of the examinee's / person's truthfulness about a matter. Mostly users of the polygraph technique wants to examine the truthfulness of employees. This is known as Scientific Truth Verification. Are there employees who should not be tested or who cannot undergo polygraph examination with a polygraph technique or Scientific Truth Verification, successfully? Polygraph Inquiries has the following perspective on this matter. Every normal individual (employee) , who voluntarily submits to a polygraph examination, can be successfully tested. Ladies who are pregnant six months and over or who have complications should not be tested unless they express a desire to and their doctors indicate that it would be in order to do so. Children less than fourteen years of age should not be subjected to polygraph testing. People with serious mental disorders should not be considered for examination.

Polygraph Inquiries advises clients that it is preferred to inform the examinee (employee) at least 24 hours before the polygraph examination is to be performed. It makes it easier for the examinee to deal with. This should be viewed as the standard but in some instances this is not possible and shorter periods may result.

A Polygraph examination (test) or Scientific Truth Verification examination last between one and three hours with the examination candidate. The subject will experience almost no discomfort with this polygraph technique.

General nervous tension (which is expected from even the honest examinee as well) will be regarded and considered by the expert examiner. Such nervousness should not affect the outcome of the polygraph examination. In fact in some cases the innocent person may be more nervous than the guilty. Control techniques exist which may assist the qualified and experienced examiner with this.

All the questions to be asked will be discussed with the examinee before the testing starts. No surprise questions are used!

It often happens that a truthful or loyal person is unfortunately or unjustifiably implicated in a crime or marked as target for accusations. The polygraph examination done by Polygraph Inquiries of SA provides an excellent opportunity to restore trust between employee and employer. It creates an un-excelled opportunity for such an individual to substantiate his or her truthfulness in a short space of time. It may preclude investigations, disciplinary hearings or even court procedures and prevent embarrassment and or costs for the employer and innocent employee.

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